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Linear bearings: the heart of precision motion control

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Linear bearings: the heart of precision motion control

Jul 10,2024

Linear bearings are a key part that plays an important role in the industrial field. Linear bearings not only provide efficient and precise motion control for all kinds of mechanical devices. but also play an indispensable role in all aspects of modern life. Let's take a look at this marvelous device that makes the world run more smoothly.

What is a linear bearing?

A linear bearing is a mechanical device used to support and guide linear motion. It usually consists of rolling elements, cages, jackets, and seats. A linear bearing realizes smooth movement of an object in a straight line direction by rolling the rolling elements (ex: steel balls or rollers) inside the cage.

Liear Bearing from JLCMC

Linear bearings are linear motion guiding mechanisms used in conjunction with linear guide shafts. The steel ball rolls along the track groove formed by the shell and the cage, and the linear bearing makes a linear reciprocating motion relative to the guiding axis. The rolling of the steel balls results in a high-efficiency movement with low frictional resistance.


Space utilization

  • Space can be utilized efficiently. Linear bearings are used in conjunction with a guide shaft.
  • It can effectively utilize space and is suitable for small-sized mechanism design;

Mounting conditions

  • Linear bearings are available in steel and stainless steel, and retainers are available in stainless steel for harsh conditions and resin for low noise:


  • A wide variety of shapes and mounting methods are available. Linear bearings are available in a variety of shapes, such as straight column type, flange type, and mounting type, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Excellent interchangeability

  • Linear bearings can be used in random combinations with shafts. Therefore, it has good interchangeability.

Space utilization

  • Compared with linear guides, the price is favorable.

Mounting instructions

  • When linear bearings are subjected to large loads (partial loads), the single-liner type is not suitable. It is recommended to use double-liner type goods multiple single-liner type.

  • Linear bearings are structurally unsuitable for rotary motion. If they are forced to rotate, they may cause damage to the product, so please be careful with their use.

  • Linear bearings are not suitable for repeated insertion and removal.

  • When inserting the guide shaft into the linear bearing, please center it and insert it slowly, otherwise the balls may fall out or the retainer may be deformed.

Precautions before mounting

Before use

Please apply grease on the ball rows on the inner side of the linear bearings, and replenish it later at the right time. Grease forms an oil film on the surface of the ball and rolling surface (guide shaft - bushing) of the linear bearing, effectively reducing friction and preventing sintering. Reduced grease and aging will greatly affect the life of linear bearings.

Grease injection interval

Usually every 6 months, when the moving distance is longer, it is recommended once every 3 months, or when the moving distance is more than 1000km within the term, 1000km shall prevail.

Countermeasure against dust

If dust or foreign matter enters the interior of the linear bearing, it may damage the circulation of the steel balls, which may lead to unexpected failures. When used in a harsh environment, install an additional dust cover, protective cover, etc.

JLCMC offers a wide range of linear bearings and accessories  to fulfill your mounting or application needs.

Parts you may need:

Linear Bearing Straight Column Standard Type Single Liner LM Series


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