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ROHS and Lead-Free Compliance

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ROHS and Lead-Free Compliance

What is RoHS?

RoHS regulations are designed to limit or eliminate substances that are dangerous to the environment and to people. Inadequately treated e-waste poses environmental and health risks. The RoHS directive is also meant to increase the amount of e-waste that is appropriately treated and to reduce the volume that goes to disposal.

RoHS (Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances) regulations limit specific substances – lead, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), mercury, hexavalent chromium, and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants – in electrical and electronic equipment.

Does RoHS affect the quality of JLCMC Products?

RoHS is not a quality standard, and the simple fact that mechatronic parts are RoHS-compatible does not add to the quality of the parts. The RoHS mark located on our website, and catalogs indicates the product either does not contain the ten (10) Restrictive Substances of the European Directive (2015/863/EU amends 2011/65), or less than the threshold value or, is included in the applicable exemption.

Note: JLCMC's RoHS mark does not indicate whether the product is CE Compliant or Non-Compliant

JLCMC RoHS Certificate of Compliances is available here.

Last updated on Jan 18,2024