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Timing Belts

Timing Belts are essential components in mechanical systems, transmitting power precisely between rotating shafts. They come in various types, including standard, cogged, and high-performance, each tailored for specific torque and speed requirements. Widely used in automotive engines, industrial machinery, and precision equipment, Timing Belts ensure synchronized motion. Shop for your favorite products at JLCMC and savor a consistently superior, efficient, and economical purchasing experience.

  • Timing Belt
  • Metal-Reinforced Timing Belt
  • 2GT Timing Belt
Belt Type(Pitch)
  • MXL(2.032)
  • XL(5.08)
  • L(9.525)
  • H(12.7)
  • T5(5.0)
  • T10(10.0)
  • S2M(2.0)
  • S3M(3.0)
  • S5M(5.0)
  • S8M(8.0)
  • H3M(3.0)
  • H5M(5.0)
  • H8M(8.0)
Belt Shape
  • Closed-Loop type
  • Rubber timing belt
  • Polyurethane timing belt
Body Material
  • Rubber
  • Polyurethane
Core Material
  • Fiberglass thread
  • Steel wire
Operating Conditions
  • For single-sided tooth synchronous belt
  • For double-sided tooth synchronous belt
Timing Belt Installation Form
  • Overload-resistant timing belt
  • Tensioning timing belt
Country of Origin
  • Import
  • Brand from China
Belt Nominal Width
  • 6mm
Belt Circumference
  • 188mm
Belt Type
  • 2GT(2.0)