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JLC Mechatronic Components Marketplace integrates various mechatronic parts, aiming to provide a one-stop service for factory automation. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of automation equipment supply, reduce overall procurement costs of equipment manufacturers, and promote the transformation of the mechatronics industry.


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Guaranteeing genuine products, imposing penalties for any counterfeits, and providing reliable after-sales support.
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Swift shipping with stock items despatched within 24 hours, and non-stock standard items within 72 hours.
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Over 130 product categories, 600,000+ SKUs, and integrated services from a professional technical team.
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Free downloads of 2D and 3D CAD files, complemented by dedicated technical team support.
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Intelligent Warehousing

Nearly 10,000 square meters of warehouse space are managed through intelligent storage systems.

Global Impact



Linear bearings: the heart of precision motion control

Linear bearings are a key part that plays an important role in the industrial field. Linear bearings not only provide efficient and precise motion control for all kinds of mechanical devices. but also play an indispensable role in all aspects of modern life. Let's take a look at this marvelous device that makes the world run more smoothly. What is a linear bearing? A linear bearing is a mechanical device used to support and guide linear motion. It usually consists of rolling elements, cages, jackets, ......

Feb 29,2024

The Significance of Fasteners in Boosting Productivity

Introduction Fasteners are mechanical components that serve to join or affix two or more objects together, typically by means of threaded or non-threaded engagement. They play a vital role in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics, and many more. Impact on Productivity Ensure the stability and safety of mechanical equipment Improve production efficiency and product quality Improve the service life of equipment Reduce production costs Fasteners Classifica......

Jul 05,2024

Universal joints:How to choose & Where to buy

What is a universal joint? The universal joint resides at the heart of any intricate mechanical system, a versatile mechanical component that seamlessly connects two rotating shafts, facilitating torque transmission and rotational motion across varying angles. Essentially, it's a bridge that ensures smooth power transfer, even when the axes are misaligned. The significance of selecting the right universal joint cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the performance, durability, and efficiency of......

Jul 04,2024

About JLCMC premium product series

JLCMC Premium Series: Key Highlights 1. What is JLCMC Premium Series? The pinnacle of precision engineering and industrial automation, JLCMC Premium Series offers cutting-edge solutions with unparalleled quality and efficiency. 2. Key Product Types: Couplings: High-strength, low-vibration designs for stable performance in demanding applications. Bearings: Durable, low-friction options for a wide range of loads and environments. Springs: Accurate force control and long-lasting durability for precision ......

Jul 05,2024